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At your service since 1998,providing athletes and bodybuilders with genuine , tailor made and result oriented supplements. To succeed in the field of fitness, it is mandatory to be one step ahead of the competition. We never believed in false marketing and creating hype ,but in fulfilling every promises that we made.

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Dear Followers/ Students, It is always a divine feeling to see u lead a successful life. I know that you believe in the fruits of labour rather than the gift of fortune. When I sit in my solitude and recollect the moments spent with you, I feel generous within my hearts of hearts that you must be doing excellence in your chosen fields. It is always the most satisfying feeling to see the young generation grow to the fullest in the shady garden being inspired by your success achievements. I hereby commit to provide generations with the best of technological and physiological interventions for keeping them ahead of times. K N Sharma Founder & CEO Tejaswa Group
K N Sharma
Hello Friends, Tejaswa Sports Nutrition, as we all know is a world famous brand for dietary supplements today. TSN has a complete range of supplements not only for a body builder but for any sportsman. Its wide range of tailor made products are designed to fulfil the needs of a beginner fitness enthusiast to a advance level hardcore sportsman. Personally I have been using TSN from the beginning of my body building days , Infact I can say that TSN helped me achieve whatever i m today. Products manufactured by TSN can’t be challenged on ground of genuineness. TSN words on the motto ‘Healthy people Wealthy nation’ and as far as I am concerned ,I m totally a product of TSN. I congratulate TSN for their great contribution to the fitness industry and wish them luck for the years coming ahead. KEEP GROWING
Rahul Bist
Never ever think of shortcuts to success, because there ain’t any. The major ingredients for making a champion are :Hard Work, dedication, devotion, sacrifice. I trust that before deciding on a profession it is critical for a man to be a good individual. My being owes to my parents and I regard them whole heartedly however at the same time, the individual who taught me the right values to be a good human being and guided me through my career is MR. K. N. Sharma. I will always be indebted to Mr. K. N. Sharma for grooming me and guiding me into the right direction in life. He is in excess of a fatherly figure to me. Without his help and direction I was no where in the race. I would take this opportunity to thank as well congratulate Sir for creating the wonderful range of Tejaswa products. I personally vouch for them as I've been using it for almost many years now and definitely claim it to be one of the best available in the market. I will sincerely align myself to this noble cause and help spread awareness about the contribution of Tejaswa to the Fitness industry.
Yatinder Singh

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